The first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30, 2021


orange shirt
September 30th marks the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada. It provides a much-needed day for reflection, re-evaluation, and reconciliation.
Truth, justice, trust, and relationships are all essential to navigating the road ahead. We have to unpack discriminatory policies and processes, racist programs, and systemic inequalities faced by Indigenous peoples. The journey of reconciliation and decolonization starts within each individual, committing ourselves to building a brighter future.
FNHIC-BC is committed to eliminating and eradicating those policies and programs that persist and continue to harm Indigenous peoples as we continued on our own reconciliation journey. Foundational to everything we do is acknowledging the role that housing and infrastructure play in supporting First Nations health, well-being, economic development, and self-determination.
There is a great opportunity for First Nations to set and determine their own path forward. To move forward in a genuine way that honours the calls to action of TRC, UNDRIP, and DRIPA. This is the chance, to rebuild communities, repair connections, and renew relationships with the land. The time is now, to focus on building loving households and rebuilding the path back home.
Orange Shirt Team pic
The FNHIC-BC team is wearing our orange shirts in support of all of the survivors and all the children who never made it home.
orange shirt design
orange shirt mail out
FNHIC-BC commissioned Dion Daniels to create a design for an orange shirt. We gave the shirts to our staff, Expert Advisory Group and Board of Directors to show our support for all of the survivors. Big thanks to Jared Nome for preparing the packages so carefully and sending them out to all of us.