The FNHIC-BC Announces Regional Engagement Session Schedule

March 27, 2018


HIC is conducting its first round of community engagement sessions to get input on the development of a new housing and infrastructure authority. There will be more engagement sessions as this process unfolds to continue to get local input.

HIC Announces Regional Engagement Session Schedule


The purpose of these sessions is to get the local housing and infrastructure community’s input on the design and operations of the new housing and infrastructure authority. We will guide you through a discussion around what is working in the current housing & infrastructure programs and services, what isn’t working, how might we improve the system, what would you like to see in the new system and any other input on how HIC should go through this design process.

HIC is hosting these meetings so will cover the costs of the venue but will not cover participant travel. If you cannot attend this session we have local volunteers who have offered to bring your input to the session. HIC also has a copy of the standard questionnaire on its website. HIC will also organize a phone or in-person interview if required (depending on logistics).

About HIC

The BC First Nations Housing & Infrastructure Council (HIC) was formed in December 2017 with the following mandate:

As a step in the path towards indigenous self-government, to manage the process to design and implement a First Nation’s controlled Housing & Infrastructure Authority (“Authority”) in British Columbia that will:

  • Assume authority and control for First Nations housing & infrastructure program delivery in British Columbia; and

  • Deliver associated housing and infrastructure services.