The FNHIC-BC Kicks Off Phase Two Engagement

February 12, 2019


HIC is launching the second phase of engagement, armed with example delivery models for a made-in-BC First Nations designed, controlled and led housing & infrastructure authority that were developed during phase one of HIC’s engagement process and collaboration with the federal government.

HIC Kicks Off Phase Two Engagement

‚ÄčThis phase of engagement will include several rounds of BC First Nations community sessions plus other engagement methods including telephone interviews, focus groups, regional forums and others. HIC is looking to further refine the design of the new delivery model and additional details of an agreement that transfers housing and infrastructure authorities (including programs and services) from the federal government to the new BC authority.

Engagement Sessions

Phase two launches February 11 with the first round of community engagement sessions across the province, continuing until HIC reaches its target of talking to at least 150 communities (anticipated to run into April). In these sessions HIC will be presenting three examples of possible delivery models to the BC First Nations housing and infrastructure community for feedback. Initial locations of the sessions have been announced and more locations will be shared in the coming weeks.

Being community driven is essential to the successful creation of our delivery model. We’re designing a model with the input of BC’s First Nations, and want to ensure anyone who has a role or experience in delivering housing and infrastructure in our communities has every opportunity to participate. In this next round we’ll be visiting more communities across the province to expand our reach. We invite you to get involved and be part of the design by participating in a community session, the Forum or other methods of engagement,” says Chief Dan George, Chair of HIC.

What’s Next

In the following phase two rounds of engagement (to be carried out until an agreement-in-principle is reached on all the essential terms of the transfer agreement – likely until at least the end of this calendar year), HIC will be seeking additional detailed input on this agreement-in-principle as the process unfolds.

The agreement-in-principle contains the BC First Nations’ and Canada’s tentative agreement on the terms of an agreement to transfer BC First Nations housing and infrastructure authorities from Canada to the new Authority.