The FNHIC-BC Launches Website

March 16, 2018


HIC has launched a website ( to support its work to develop a First Nations-controlled Housing & Infrastructure Authority in BC. The website will support engagement outreach, house information about the initiative, keep people informed, and enable interested parties to provide input as HIC works to carry out its mandate.

HIC Launches Website

The website is a work in progress and will be updated and expanded as HIC carries out its work. The colour scheme and the logo are still under development and will portray a more holistic community wellness approach to housing and infrastructure once finalized. HIC extends a special thank you to TLC Solutions for their belief in HIC’s important work and provided in-kind services to develop the preliminary website.

Creation of an Authority is a step towards indigenous self-government and the goals of First Nations and government for housing reform under the Assembly of First Nations’ National Indigenous Housing Strategy and the Government of Canada’s directive to transfer its delivery of First Nations services to First Nations control. Once established, the Authority will transfer responsibility for First Nations housing and infrastructure program delivery and associated housing services in BC.

Extensive engagement, consultation and collaboration with the housing community is essential to achieving success. Being community-driven is fundamental to the successful creation of the delivery model. To ensure the delivery model meets the needs of First Nations, HIC will be engaging government, First Nations, associations, agencies, organizations, related service providers and any others who can contribute towards its mandate. There are no pre-determined outcomes on the final delivery model. All input is valuable during this stage and will be used by the Council to develop delivery model options.

HIC will be publishing a schedule for the first round of provincial engagement sessions very soon, which will be posted on its website and shared with its communication network.

If you are involved in the planning, coordination or delivery of First Nations housing and infrastructure and have insight HIC should consider in developing a recommended delivery model, please email learn how you can get involved.