The FNHIC-BC Opinion Editorials Link On & Off Reserve Housing

March 11, 2019


Addressing Indigenous homelessness must harmonize on- and off-reserve housing services.

HIC Opinion Editorials

 The Opinion Editorial features HIC's response to the recent federal government announcement of $638 million to address urban Indigenous housing and the ongoing public discussion surrounding Indigenous housing.

HIC's Chair Chief Dan George highlights the perspective that most First Nation leaders never relinquish their responsibility for citizens living away from their home communities, and as part of this responsibility, never stop striving for housing options to offer those who want to come home.

The piece also highlights the work HIC is doing to create a made-in-BC First Nations housing and infrastructure authority. Noting its primary focus is on-reserve housing, HIC is working towards harmonizing on and off reserve housing options so that First Nations people will have continuous housing services as they move between communities. 

For the full articles, see the link below.

On- and off-reserve homelessness must be solved together.
Sylvia Olsen, Toronto Star, March 10, 2019
Addressing Indigenous homelessness must harmonize on- and off-reserve housing.
Sylvia Olsen, Vancouver Sun, March 11, 2019