Webinar 2 - Review, Revise & Renew: Housing & Infrastructure Programs and Services

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Stacy McNeil

FNHIC-BC Board Member

A member of Seabird Island Band, Stacy has enjoyed working with on-reserve housing for over 10 years throughout the province as a mentor, facilitator, advocate and front line worker. She is well known for her outspokenness related to the good, bad and ugly in housing and she continues to share her experiences with anyone who wishes to hear them.

Jim Munroe

FNHIC-BC Board Member

Jim has been working in the field of First Nations housing and infrastructure for more than 4 decades. He sits, as an infrastructure specialist, on several national and regional committees including the national AFN’s Chiefs Committee on Housing and Infrastructure (CCoHI). Jim is one of the only qualified First Nations BOABC building inspectors in BC. Jim is a Board member of the FNHIC-BC.